Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wells Without Water

"These are wells without water. . . "
2 Peter 2:17

This phrase has been running steadily through my mind since I stumbled across it in my scripture study a few days ago. 

How many wells do I keep digging that offer me no water at all?



Pointless internet surfing?

What about self-pity? Resent? Discouragement or disdain?

These are wells that I think we tend to dive in and claw down. . but they do us no good.  What good comes to my soul by kicking pricks and wishing things were just "different"? What thirst is quenched by moping or self-reflection to the point of egotism? Perhaps, just perhaps, it is not all about me. Perhaps other people are thirsty, and rather than dig myself into a hole without water, I should jump out and help someone else dig.

And together. . . we will drink.

So, I'm trying to cultivate real friendships more. I'm reading again. I'm taking deep breaths on those Sunday nights when panic and anxiety hits because I have to teach again in the morning. I'm taking cookies to neighbors and remembering how to laugh.

I'm looking for wells with water and trying to leave the dry ones behind.

Join me?