Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No rest for the laundress

I vowed I would not go to bed tonight until the heinous mess of laundry in our basement was sorted, folded, and delivered to its proper owners/drawers.  It has been such a couple of weeks, that laundry hasn't had a regular "pace" for some time.

Now it is 11:15 and the only thing that equals my fatigue is my frustrations with the state of our home.  Floors are crying out for vacuuming and sweeping. Walls and doorframes need wiping, and my shower hasn't been scoured in more than a month. The library is messy, dusty, and out of order.

My mind drifts forward to homeschooling? Can I do this? Almost every article I read about homeschooling declares that the path of homeschooling demands a you happily embrace a less than tidy home--littered with projects and schoolwork.


I don't do chaos.

Can I buck that trend and have an organized homeschool? Can I homeschool my kids without popsicle stick projects and glitter?

For now, I can't tackle that. For now, I have to get up tomorrow, run 3 miles, teach Spanish, and just wipe as many doorframes as I can.  We will survive to the end of the year. . . even if my shower doesn't get scrubbed until June.

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