Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cookies. . . .

i love them i love them i love them i love them.

Is this a problem? If someone out there actually can eat just one cookie--even when they cooked them-could they please bottle that power and sell it? I mean, I have cooked batches of cookies without licking one finger or even tasting one cookie. So willpower I have. . . until I take the first taste that I somehow think shall be my last. Honestly, have you ever really eaten just one cookie? Do these people exist? If so, how? What goes through your head when you just eat one cookie? Do they just not want another one? Is it a battle of wills or some naturally engrained healthy instinct that rests on a chromosome that apparently did not come standard on me. Who knows. All I know is that I love cookies; good ones, mediocre ones, lame store bought ones. If it is round and consists of mostly butter and sugar--I love it. Oh well. Yet again I find myself rolling around in that term, "sugar addict." Do I accept it? Do I keep trying to pretend I can live in sweets moderation, enjoying a cookie now and then without spinning into a cyclone of sugar consumption, totally void of tastebuds and self-control? Stay tuned. . . I certainly will.


  1. K - so this pregnancy, Cutler's sugar cookies (a local sandwich/bakery shop) have been my weakness. Just thinking of their thick, moist, buttery sweetness makes me salivate. Oh, and then there is the cream cheese frosting. Don't EVEN get me started.

    The downside? I think about them day and night. The upside? They are not in my home. I allow myself 1-2 per week (only 1 per visit) and that way I AM able to eat JUST ONE. However, if they were in my home and I had a tupperware container full of them, say goodbye to the waste and hello to the pounds!

    That's MY secret to eating just one cookie.

  2. Well, my way to avoid it is to . . . . NOT COOK or BUY them. Lame, I know -- but I'm just not a one cookie person, especially chocolate chip or peanut butter (or Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies -- so cheap they fit into my budget, so yummy I can eat the whole box without realizing they're ALL GONE!).

    So - question for you, Morgan: What is your bi-annual detox? What is your Colon Cleanse or whatever that you do? How about a post on that?

    P.S. -- So glad you're doing this. I can SOOOO relate to ALL of your thoughts/feelings. I started a blog of this sort: The Mommy 15 ( And I'm also trying Weight Watchers, so far with little success. We'll see.

    P.P.S. -- This is Melinda (White) Chaffee from good ol' SVU. And I'm so glad Amanda sent me this link!