Tuesday, November 1, 2011


There are many people in this world who will live good, productive lives never knowing what a PRAXIS test is. I am not one of them.
The Spanish Praxis test has loomed over me for months. When I stumbled into this Spanish teaching gig the only credential I had was a letter from my mission president. That didn't quite cut it. So, I had to take this big mama Praxis test designed for Spanish majors to prove I could teach Freshman how to describe a day at the beach in Spanish.
And I had two months to get ready for it. All while juggling "single" momhood, starting a new teaching job, and putting my kids in childcare for the first time ever. It has been a monumentally tough few months.
But, praise the Lord (and I do), I passed. I passed! I didn't crumble. I didn't surrender. I didn't fail. I passed! I can get a real salary now. We can move out of my Mom's house. I can move on. I passed. It is a miracle, believe me. That test was incredibly difficult. But God opened my mind and gave me merciful graders.
God parts red seas, He raises the dead, He brings down walls with nothing but shouts of faith. And He helped one tired, strained mom pass a very difficult test. That's a sparrow moment. He truly sees each one of us.
I am so grateful He sees me.

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