Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Poem of Patience. . . of sorts.

It takes time.

There are many things
in this world of rush
that push and sprint.

We see what we want
to become
to have
to do.

And waiting seems too much.

The wait. it seems
unfair. And we think it
shows weakness
in us
or God.

But maybe it is just time.
Time that will pass anyway.
Time to heal.
Time to grow.
Time to reap.
Time to sow.

It all takes time.
And in the time we give to growth.
A funny thing happens.

We grow.

And if we don't resent the pace
we can enjoy the race
to miracles that we want.
IF we are willing to accept that
roads worth travelling are sometimes bumpy
and often long.

But at the end there is a prize
and that prize

is the us we want to become.

I haven't written poetry in a very long time. And perhaps this barely qualifies as poetry. But, it is what came out this morning.

I want so many things to happen so quickly. I must learn to wait. It took me a year to lose track of myself and get my body to this place. It won't go back in a week. I want my hair to be long again. This takes time too. I find myself willing to wait for that, because there isn't any blame in that kind of growth. Well, perhaps I should take the blame out of the other areas of growth I need as well. All growth takes time. As do all things truly beautiful.

I will try to give myself some time.


  1. I love it. I might frame it in my house. And I usually don't have the patience for poetry. :) <3. I'm serious. Do you mind if I print it out?

  2. gah. that was Kathryn not Joseph.. oops..

  3. Of course I'd be honored if you printed it out! But if some random publisher comes by your house and asks to buy it and publish it for a million dollars. I want a cut.

  4. girl you get the whole million lol. I just want a dance dance machine. <3.