Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pack it up. . pack it in. .

Let me begin.

Just a shout out to my adolescent music scene.

Today I am starting the joyfull process of extricating myself from my mom's house. Them apron strings is long overdue for a trimmin'

And in the process I of course am hauling a few large bags to Goodwill. In so many ways we feel like this is a happy new start for our family. For the first time I am hoping we can decorate our with home in our own style (whatever that is) and I would love to buy my kid's clothes rather than hand them whatever their cousins pass on. In time, in time.

Speaking of clothes, I have so many that I would REALLY like to wear again. Since my honesty post I have only lost about 7 pounds. Still, no gaining over the holidays deserves a mini-medal, no? But, I have a new found determination to fit in those clothes again, and I am pretty sure this move is going to help that happen. But first the move must happen.

Back to pack.

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