Friday, January 9, 2009

Food Does Not Fix Fatigue

I have tried this. The other night Isaac kept me up until 3am and the next day, dragging does not even do justice to my speed level. And so, I wandered about the kitchen looking for the next snack that would give me energy and patience and the ability to not growl at Isaac every time he asked for something. I didn't find it. And, I justified not writing anything down because I had such a rotten night. Strike two. So, I scrapped the whole day, but have recovered and am firmly back in the saddle again. Today I wrote everything down, resisted marshmallows, and even though ate a bit too much Persian food tonight, had a good long walk today and in general did pretty well. I do still have one more week of pregnancy to justify whatever I darn well please I imagine, but I am trying to mentally prep myself to get to work come postpartum flabbiness. I pray every day for God to prepare my body and our little girl's body for a healthy delivery and a positive breastfeeding experience. I pray that my body will create the milk and she will be prepared to take full advantage of it. Miracles do happen. Like having a baby on my due date. . . that would be a really nice miracle.

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