Monday, January 12, 2009

Personal Back-Patting

I've had a few mini-triumphs today. Let's establish clearly that I am now less than one week from my due date. Friday completes my forty week incubation, though I am fully aware that the incubee (word?) could decide to wait another day. Maybe she wants to be sworn in with Obama so she is staying tight until the 20th. In any case I think it is clear that I am very very pregnant. Now, picture this very pregnant woman punching, jabbing, and squatting with vim and vigor through an entire one hour advanced Tae Bo workout video. Perhaps my form was not at its highest--neither were my kicks. But, as I finished up the "butt-burning" section of the workout I had a clear memory of trying to endure this same video with my college roomates several years back. Our goal at the time was just to finish it--a goal I never really achieved at that time. I felt a glow of pride as I realized that I have physically progressed to a point where, 9 months pregnant, I can finish a workout I couldn't six years ago. That felt good. It also felt really good when I took Lucy to a little concert this morning at a local coffee spot and was up dancing and jumping with her. The dancing felt good, but what felt downright splendid was the reaction of the women when they asked about my due date and I could answer casually, "Friday." The shocked responses were just wonderful. "What!?!" "You look amazing!" "I can't believe you still have energy!" I must admit it did this fragile pregnant ego some good. I don't mean to boast or brag, but it is these moments that remind me that I have come so far and I can happily focus on that rather than think about how far I want to go. I think remembering the success of the journey thusfar is key in the journey that lies ahead. Self Back Pat complete.

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