Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cleansing Eve

Not sure if anyone is even out there stumbling across this blog, but in any case I will utilize it as I embark on an adventure in detoxification. Tomorrow morning I begin my "Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet" for the next ten days. I will only consume a concoction of water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. Why? Because I am drowning in an overdose of stress induced sugar binging and longing to change my body, my life, and my level of discipline around all things food. A brief detox jumpstart seems to be the best plan. I am so tired of thinking about food. I am tired of trying to plan meals, journal my food, schedule my snacks, and reading every article or book that I think will have a menu plan that will bring my apetite into submission and take me to a new level of physical health. Instead I just keep breaking down and breaking into stashes of sugar and buying candy bars when I am all by myself. I have every indication of serious addiction to sugar and a generally unhealthy relationship with food. So, I think taking a ten day (at least) break from food and all its emotional strings will help me realize that I don't have to eat sugar and that snitching cookies from the deep freezer in the basement is not the only way to take a step back and release from the stress of motherhood and housekeeping. I will cleanse. I will learn to crochet. I will take deep breaths and remember that I will not die without chewable food for ten days. Then I will reward myself with a haircut and an eyebrow shaping. Sounds like a plan. We'll see how I handle the hunger.


  1. Congradulations on having your beautiful baby girl. I am happy to hear that you are both doing so well.

    I am also starting to take in account all of the bad things that I eat/put in my body. Ryan and I are starting to keep account of what we eat and eat more healthy. I have not tried the Lemonade cleanse. Please let me know how it worked for you. Also, could you please post the recipe for this cleanse. I would like to try it as well to help me jump start on eating better.

  2. Question Morgan?

    Are you nursing? I HAVE done the lemonade cleanse before (and LIKE the taste of the concoction, though I only did it for 4 days) but am wondering if I can do this right after I have the baby WHILE nursing. Please tell all. Inquiring minds want to know.