Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 3--Back and Forth

One hour I feel really great. I feel in control of my body, strong, clean, and full of pep. Fast forward an hour and I am hungry, craving an apple and making a peanut butter and honey bagel for Isaac and wondering how on earth I am going to do this another week. Currently I am somewhere in the middle. I have to focus on the actual brevity of the experiment. I can do this. I went to a baby shower last night, complete with chocolate cream puffs, cake, and a really tempting fruit tray with chocolate fondu. I sipped my water and reveled in my own self control. Only about a week to go. Tonight is pizza night, tomorrow we'll have a special valentine's breakfast and this weekend we are entertaining guests. It will be a tough couple of days to be drinking lemonade. Oh well, there will be food around in a week when I am done with this and I'll have a much better relationship with it when I get there.

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  1. You've definitely got will-power!

    I did the South Beach Diet a couple of years ago and think it is absolutely wonderful! I could go on and on about why I think it's so great, but I'll just touch on a couple brief points to try to make you a believer too. =)

    It has a initial 2 weeks that are very strict - mostly veggies and protein. Kind of a cleanse in a totally breaks the snacking habit and I'm with you on feeling almost liberated with limited choices. That's what the first 2 weeks provide. Plus you lose a few pounds that gets you motivated to keep going. The first few days were really hard for me, but after day 3 or 4 or 5, it started to feel good.

    Then you introduce more foods, but overall it's all about natural foods as opposed to processed stuff (which I think you mostly eat anyway). I felt like it really fell in line with the WofW as well - whole grains, veggies, fruit, lean meats sparingly.

    I lost 20 pounds on it over about 3 months. And I was able to keep it off for almost 2 years. I've fallen back into the carb/sugar/snack addiction and have gained about 10 lbs back. But my plan is to just go back to the 2 weeks again and start over to remind my body to cut out the snacking - food does not cure tiredness, or boredom, etc. I can totally relate to all that you're writing.

    Anyway, it might be worth checking out. And good luck on your detox!