Tuesday, August 4, 2009


That was for my artillery soldier Dad. That is the call of success when artillery has hit its mark. And boy did my mark get hit this week! I won't even begin to explain what I ate last Tuesday evening at an Anne of Green Gables Book Club Tea Party. Points didn't even cross my mind, except to assume that all 35 of my extra Weight Watchers points were gone by the end of the night. Chocolate torte, chocolate cake, lemon tart, deviled eggs, chicken salad sandwiches, lemonade, petit fors, hot chocolate. . . aaahhh. Still, I decided I would be fine if I stayed on track the rest of the week. My workouts are going well and today's weigh-in? Drumroll please. . . . 3 pounds gone! Oh, happy day. I only have one goal with every weigh in--to not gain. Even if it .1 pounds, I just want to go down or stay the same every week until I reach goal. I am 15 pounds away and I know it will slow way down. But, this morning as I was working out, doing squats like a champ, I took a good long look at my body, and with Miley Cyrus singing "The Climb" in the background I felt like I've made a really good climb with this body. I started over fifty pounds ago feeling crummy about myself and I've certainly felt worse than crummy many many times. Being pregnant 3 times and watching all the weight come back for a visit has been really challenging. But, I've kept going. I've kept running. I've kept getting up in the morning when Emma was up every hour last night. I've thrown it all out the window on trips with my mom, but then I've held my ground at church parties and just said no to brownies. Give and take, up and down. That is how this whole thing rolls. My husband was talking about how he thinks WW is kind of flawed in that it is designed to encourage you to eat as much as possible and still lose the weight. At first I agreed and it made me feel a little weak. But, then I've thought about it and said, "What is wrong with that??" I love to eat. I love snickerdoodles, homemade bread, brownies, and granola bars. I want to eat them. And I can. I have to learn to moderate and control and balance, but I can, and I think that is not just ok, but pretty darn impressive for anyone like me who is trying to do this. Today, after my weigh in I took a moment to fall to my knees in prayer by my bed. I thanked my Heavenly Father for helping me succeed, even when I might not have deserved such a huge success. I expressed to Him my gratitude for a body and a desire to take care of it. And I prayed for patience as I continue forward. Help me accept success, no matter how minute, with gratitude and grace. It was a nice experience.
And on a lighter note--any good, cheap, non-food rewards when I reach my pre-preg WW goal? I'm only 3 pounds away! I have another 12 pounds to go after that to reach my long dreamed of goal, but I want to celebrate getting back to Pre-Emma body!


  1. Woah, Morgen. Go. You. I can't even IMAGINE being 3 pounds away from my pre-preggers weight (currently I'm almost 20) and 15 pounds away from my all-time goal (okay, I am . . . A LOT more than that). But I've seen your journey - if even from a distance - and I share your joy and gratitude that with the help of the Lord, it can be done.

    I listened to the most WONDERFUL presentation (from BYU's 2007 Education Week)last night during my personal devotional. Check it out:

    *Go to http://www.byu.tv/ - click on "BYU Original Productions" - scroll down to "BYU Education Week" (you can check out "BYU Women's Conference" addresses as well) - Click on Connie E. Sokol's address, "Body and Soul: Feel Fit and Fabulous About Your Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Life" given in 2007 (I'd give you the link, but the site doesn't show the direct link in the window)

    Enjoy! I know I did.

  2. As for a reward, how bout a good book read under a tree, a pampering pedicure (nothing better than a foot massage and cute toes), a cute pair of summer shoes to show off the pedicure, a beautiful bike ride through wonderfully green VA, a cool drink on a quaint cafe patio (not EXACTLY food related) AND - better yet - an afternoon ALL to yourself that can include any/all of the above activites. Tell Daman that I said he could truly prove his manhood by taking the kids for the entire day. And I mean that.

    Reward yourself. You deserve it.