Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Did It.

My heart was racing.

My eye was twitching.

My courage was flagging.

But then I hit "send." And it was over.

Now, my article is waiting to be opening by some intern at Runner's World looking for just the perfect piece for their magazine.

Right after submitting it, I got my Runner's World in the mailbox. Is that a sign?

It is flawed, perhaps too long, short, passive, or choppy. But, it is submitted. Someday I will get paid something to write something. Maybe this won't be that day, but I know it will be someday.

I've also decided to cash in on another someday. I am giving up white sugar and white flour. That someday has arrived, and it is long overdue. That process will be lengthy and sad. I've tried it before. But this time is different. I am different. My will is not stronger, but my faith is. My weakness has been brought to the surface in a raw way and my life needs more light and less food. So, take it or leave it Runner's World. I'll write more.

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