Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What If Wednesday. . . .

What If Harry Potter had never been written??. . . . . Life would be dull and plain and children wouldn't be nearly as excited or willing to wear glasses. Red hair wouldn't be as cool. Daniel Radcliffe probably wouldn't be on Broadway right now. Thousdands of children might not have discovered reading and English tourism would have missed out on a serious moneymaker. Thank you J.K. And for the record I want to make it clear that Stephanie Meyer doesn't deserve to clean up after your chocolate frogs. Sparkly, chilly vampires have nothing on Harry's humanity and Snape's conflicted courage. And as a note, if you haven't listened to the audio recordings of Harry Potter--run, don't walk to your local library to check it out. It is completely entertaining. I could listen to them over and over again. Contrast that with when I tried to listen to a Twilight book on CD and couldn't keep my eyes on the road because they were rolling so much.

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  1. Ha! So true. Though I loved the Twilight series, it was on a completely different level from Harry Potter. I'm sure I've read each HP book through at least two or three times either by myself or snuggled up with a kid or two intently listening. I've also listened to all of the HP books on tape - they're great on long runs. I couldn't get past the second chapter of Twilight on tape (oh, I mean CD - I am SO old!). I started listening to it on a run and opted to run listening to nothing at all, it was that bad!