Thursday, June 2, 2011


So, what keeps you from doing it?

How do you keep going in the face of whatever it is that is hammering you?

How do you buckle-proof your knees?

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  1. Actually- surrendering is what keeps me sane and humble.

    Alright- you win. Thy will be done. The end. It's the one thing I seem to have to learn over and over in life. When I am forcing my will upon the Lord- I become obsessed and stressed and angst-ridden. And I can't seem to "understand what I'm doing wrong!?" and "Why am I not happy? I'm doing everything right!." But that's when I realize I've been wanting things my way.. and I need to just surrender.

    Once I do I find that the Lord takes care of me. It becomes a "Lilly of the field" kind of life. I get to be simply happy and grateful for the way things are.. instead of impossibly frustrated by the way things aren't.