Monday, January 3, 2011

Has Anyone Else Noticed That. . .

Jim Craig looks way better with his hat on?

Just wondering.

This post is purely a result of my goal of frequent writing this year. It is 10:00pm and I just finished watching "The Return From Snowy River." Jim put on a little weight (that makes me feel better) but can still ride a horse like a champion (that does not). I for one pat myself heartily on the back for getting back on the horse again--literally. Here in Washington with the cowboy-bred Reynolds family, I bravely mounted, despite the fact that my last ride ended in shaky tears and apologies to my husband for not being the horseback riding wife he deserves. In just one day I got back on a horse and crawled into a snowcave without having a heart attack or visions of suffocating. I am a machine.

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