Saturday, January 1, 2011

And The Official Word For 2011 is. . . .

Rejoice more. . . and fear less.
Rejoice in my body.
Rejoice in my family.
Rejoice in prayer.
Rejoice in lessons to learn.
Rejoice in toddler hugs, preschool crafts, and 1st grader imaginations.
Rejoice in a hot husband.
Rejoice in offering all I have and then turning the rest over to the Lord.
Rejoice more. . . and worry less.
"Rejoice, O My Heart."
2 Nephi 4:30
When I read this I realized that, for me, 2010 was not full of rejoicing, and not because there wasn't fodder for it. It was because I was too busy wondering about the next stage that I wouldn't look around and relish this one. I was so busy freaking out about my body and my weight, that everything went the exact opposite way I wanted it to. But this year, I am going to rejoice. I am going to write. I am going to play. I am going to live and love and take whatever comes with a deep breath and a smile. Or at least I am going to try.

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