Friday, January 7, 2011

Why I Love Shakira. . .

**because her music makes my hips involuntarily swivel, shimmy, and shake in exciting ways
**because "Waka Waka. . This is Africa" blared throughout our little home brought Isaac out of his funky mood and drew him, kartwheeling, into the living room to join the dance party.
**because in the moments I listen to her and feel my body grooving with those feisty rhythms, I have zero idea what my body weighs or what size I am, and I could not care less
**because her voice is unique, her music happy, and the Africa song also reminds me of the World Cup, a very happy month for me that only comes once every four years
**because today she made my entire family dance.

Thank you, Shakira
(and by the way, I also adore/covet your hair)

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